Pronature is a food-state supplement brand launched under Eu Yan Sang Singapore Pte Ptd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eu Yan Sang (余仁生) International. Fyooz Studio is appointed as the branding agency for the new product lines.

Pronature Branding Portfolio - Logo Design Concept
Pronature  Branding Portfolio - Logo Design Concept


Logo Concept.

The logo is derived from three main concepts namely, Nature (the tree symbol), Life (a person denoted by the chinese character 人) and Health (represented by the herb leaves).

An individual’s health is dependent on the lifestyle lived. However, the foundation lies in physical wellness with an able body giving rise to better mind and spirit. ProNature provides people looking for a natural way to improve and maintain healthy lifestyles, freeing up more possibilities in life than they can previously only imagined.

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