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We help you package your brand for the consumers of today

Since its inception, Fyooz Studio has grown from strength-to-strength, to become a full-fledged brand strategy and marketing firm that identify opportunities, drives innovation, and design effective brand experiences. We set to push the boundaries and challenge conventions in both existing and emerging communication environments. Fyooz Studio remains dedicated to helping you increase your brand exposure and engagement.

Started as a hobby to fuel our passion for branding and design, Fyooz Studio (pronounced as "fuse") has come a long way since its incorporation in 2008 in Melbourne, Australia. With the support and confidence from its clients, Fyooz Studio expanded its operations to Singapore in 2009.

The regional presence in Singapore and Australia has allowed Fyooz Studio to equip itself with the best talents and capabilities from each region. This cross-cultural advantage of Fyooz Studio has also allowed us to adopt a diverse range of design styles and given Fyooz Studio the advantages of understanding consumer behaviours across various regional and cultural backgrounds.
Design Hub
Diversity in Creativity
Strategy Thinktank


We know how competitive industries can get
and we want to help you create an edge, making competition irrelevant.

Fyooz Studio’s vision is to
help you carve your very own blue ocean.


Keeping in mind the very important goal of functionality and effectiveness
we fuse ideas and create refreshingly unique concepts.

Fyooz Studio’s mission is to
fuse concepts that is good for use .

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